Elemental Awareness Great Northwestern Tour

Elemental Awareness was set up to educate and inspire kids about the world. We accomplish this goal by connecting kids to Nature through skateboarding. We have seen that a hands on approach to environmental education through wilderness survival skills not only teaches kids about the natural world, but gives them great confidence and self esteem knowing that they can take care of themselves if need be. The skills we teach in our programs are common to all of our ancestors. No matter where you are from in the world, your predecessors lived off the land using the resources available to them. EA was born in North America and we are proud of that. We look to the peoples most recently living off the land that we call home for inspiration and knowledge of the natural resources. Since we have been given so much knowledge from Native peoples and so much has been taken from them, we decided to give back our unique gifts…the gift of skateboarding. That’s what this tour is all about. Appreciation of each others culture and an exchange of knowledge. We are proud to continue this tradition each year and eager to make new friends wherever the road may take us. Thank you to everyone who has welcomed us into their homes and treated us like family. You are the ones who keep us going and you are the ones who keep the tradition alive.

Todd Larson