The EA crew packed the van and hit the open roads through the deserts of the Southwest on this years annual tour through the Southwest. We visited our friends from Apache Skateboards in San Carlos, AZ, and then headed to Navajo land at Window Rock, AZ. We built a killer mini ramp at the existing park in San Carlos, led by the Hager Brothers, who got lots of the local skaters helping out. From there, we rolled through The Grand Canyon to take in some breathtaking views, then made our way out to Albuquerque, NM to hit the streets and skate some epic ditches. Then back in AZ to Window Rock, where we put on an awesome event at the skate park, lots of skating went down, and live painting on an old car hood by artist Mike Kershnar. We all stayed in a Navajo Hogan that night, and got to hang with some horses in the morning before the long journey back to Cali. See y’all next year! Photos by Brian Christopher. 

Todd Larson