The goal of Elemental Awareness is to educate and inspire kids around the world to lead positive lives by connecting them to nature through skateboarding. We see skateboarding as a powerful healer, and something constructive for kids to focus on.

Every year, we make our way out the American Indian reservations, bearing the gift of skateboarding. These are some of the most impoverished areas of our nation –with high unemployment and even higher drug and alcohol abuse. Nevertheless skateboarding remains extremely popular for Native youth.

This year we visited two different tribes in Arizona; The Pima in Gila River, and the Navajo in Window Rock. In total we gave out over 100 skateboards, boxes of tee shirts and clothes, and countless high fives. In return we received endless gratitude, and a deeper understanding of life on the Rez.

Thank you to everyone who has welcomed us into their homes and treated us like family.

Todd Larson